About Kaos_Kitten

Kaos_Kitten is a self-employed artist based in the UK. Starting in 2018, we have been making minecraft skins in many professional places and provided multiple packs for the official minecraft marketplace.

We are normally always open to private commissions, but are working in a marketplace team currently, and are not interested in another team. We willingly make skins for servers, streamers and content creators alike.

Guidelines for commissions and contact

  • No hate-speech, discrimination or antisocial behavior.
  • No edits of other peoples skins, unless unshaded made by you
  • We retain the right to use previews of commissions for my portfolio, but only without download and watermarked
  • Products made by us are not for resale, with the exception of adopts which may be sold on for the orignal price, but not more without extra art.
  • We have the right to refuse any commissions, and the rights to cancel an order if needed.
  • Half payment is expected before commissions for safe transactions, refunds are offered depending on the circumstance

Your rights and expectations

  • You have the right to cancel an order with full refund if the cancellation occurs BEFORE confirmation of the started product.
  • You have the right to cancel an order with a partial refund if the cancellation occurs AFTER confirmation of the started product.
  • You cannot cancel when the skin is reported completed, and will not be compensated for payment in this case.
  • You cannot make large changes after confirmation of the started product, if you do you will be charged an edit fee.

Contact us!

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